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Tournament Rules


The latest revisions in bold text

Any member who wants to play in a Tournament must sign up at least 48 hours before the tournament via PINGS website:www.pings.pt. After the deadline, a draw will be published on the website. Any Member that is not included in the draw may contact the Committee via e-mail (pingsgolf88@gmail.com) to ask being placed on a waiting list, which in the case of a cancellation could bring the Member into the tournament. After the deadline the Club is under no obligation to include a player in the draw. 

In the event that a player cannot play after he/she has enrolled in a tournament, the player must inform the Committee via e-mail (pingsgolf88@gmail.com) immediately, stating the reason for not playing. In not doing so, the Committee has the right to pronounce sanctions against the player, which may be, but is not limited to, exclusion from the next tournament.

The maximum allowed Handicap for players is 28 for men and 36 for women. In case a player does not meet this requirement he or she can play tournaments on the home course only, but will not be eligible for any prizes.

All players must be on the tee at least 10 minutes before their allotted start time.

Guests/Temporary Members must be enrolled or referred by a Pings member to participate in a Pings tournament and they are permitted to play Pings tournaments up to three times. If a Guest/Temporary Member wants to play Pings tournaments more than three times, he/she must become a member. Should a Guest/Temporary Member, after signing up to a tournament, fail to attend such tournament, the Member, will be responsible for paying the Guest/Temporary Members 5 Euro entrance fee. Guests/Temporary Members cannot win any prizes exept nearest to the hole.

Immediately after finishing the round of golf, the player must reconcile his/her scorecard with the marker and go to the handicap secretary.

When the tournament result is ready, prizes will be presented and handed out. If a Member or Guest/Temporary Member is not present at the prize giving ceremony, they cannot receive a skill prize, which include the 2's as well.

Avoid slow play. Players need to keep up with the flight in front and not simply keeping ahead of the flight behind! The Committee can decide to give a two-shot penalty for slow play according to the R&A Rules.

All putts must be holed out in stroke/medal play, as well as in Stableford Competitions. The only exception from this rule is in a Stableford Competition where a player cannot score any Stableford points, and then he/she must pick up the ball to speed up the pace of play. play. To clarify; if a player has 2 handicap strokes on a hole, he or she cannot score and must pick up the ball once they have played 4 more strokes than the par of that hole. If the player has one handicap stroke for a hole, the player picks up after he has played 3 over par and if the player has no strokes, then he/she picks up the ball after a double bogey.

It is expected that all players respect the rules and etiquette of golf. Please familiarise yourself with those regulations. More details can be found on our website, under „The Spirit of the Game."


Normally a PINGS tournament will offer the following prizes for net score and skill prizes for 2's and nearest to the hole:

If we are more than 20 players, we split the field into two groups of equal size based on the exact handicaps of the field. The lowest HCP in group 1 and the remaining players in group 2. Both groups will have prizes for 1st Net and 2nd Net. 

The overall winner is the lowest Gross result (Strokeplay) 

No accumulation of prizes allowed and for Members only

Two's Sweep for Members only. Nearest To the hole are open for Members and Guests/Temporary Members. 

If a player is unavailable to collect a skill prize that prize will be lost. Winners of prizes for 1st and second net and 1st gross will retain the prize and it will be presented later.

If a player knows he or she are not staying for the prize giving we ask them not to put their names on nearest to the hole competition.

In case of a raffle, all of the winners of any prizes above will be eliminated from the raffle.


All ties will be separated as suggested by the R&A policy of ‘Countback.' i.e. Back 18 (36 hole tournaments), Back 9 then 6 then 3, 2 & 1 holes.

If there is still a tie, the player with the lowest handicap wins.


You can find the tournaments included in the Order of Merit in the calendar. The Club Championship will count for two rounds and will be played at Beloura; the same HCP will apply for both rounds. However, both rounds will qualify for HCP adjustments in the FPG database. All draws will be in HCP order for stroke play.

Points for ranking is given in winning order: Net: 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. ; Gross: 6, 4, 3, 2,1 

PRIZES -1st Gross, 2nd Gross, 1st Net, 2nd Net, 3rd Net, 4th and 5th Net.

In case a Gross prize winner is also winning a Net prize, the Committee can decide to extend the number and size of prizes accordingly.