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PINGS Membership

Thinking of joining Pings or Renewing your Membership?


Your handicap is held by the Federacao Portuguesa de Golfe for an annual payment of 70 euros (paid before 31 March) and 80 Euros after this date which is due from your nominated club or society. You can be a member of several clubs and societies, but choose one for registration.


1. Our annual Membership fee is 80 euros (existing members before 2nd Feb), or 50 euros if you join with six months or less of the year remaining or €30 from October onwards.

New members pay 100 euros, and renewals paid after the date on our membership email will be charged at 90 euros.  

2. If you nominate Pings to register your handicap, then add 70 Euros which will be passed on to the FPG.
3. Make the payment to our bank account, details below.
4. Send a confirmation of the payment by email to pingsgolf88@gmail.com together with the following:


IF YOU ARE ALREADY A MEMBER, add only any change in your name, address or phone number.

IF YOU ARE APPLYING TO BECOME A NEW MEMBER WITHOUT FPG REGISTRATION, add your name, contact phone number, address and handicap.

IF YOU ARE APPLYING TO BECOME A NEW MEMBER INCLUDING FPG REGISTRATION, we have to have your full name, contact phone number, e-mail,  address, handicap, your birthday and a scan of your passport face page, or identity card. These are universal requirements.

Proof of handicap is required, If you are coming from another country or club, If you do not have this then a Pings committee member will play one round at Beloura with you to confirm your HCP, in this case, you are not eligible for Prizes.


Complete and return the form and copy of passport, if required, to pingsgolf88@gmail.com

Bank account.

Millenium BCP, Cascais. NIB is: PT50 0033 0000 4546 3492 31005

After surrending the required information and we received your payment we will follow this procedure

1. The Treasurer will provide you with Pings membership card.
2. The Handicap Secretary will register you with the FPG, if applicable.
3. The Handicap Secretay will put your information in the Pings database, to make sure you are kept informed of our activities.
4. To receive your FPG card you need to become a member of myFPG.pt. Do the following:

  • Access the FPG http://my.fpg.pt/ and click in MyFPG (icon in the upper right corner);

  • Change into English language (flag icon);

  • Use the "Register" option (in the upper right corner or "If you are not yet a registered user, you must use the Register option");

  • Enter the federated number and click Register. Follow the instructions.

Finally, the Committee wishes you a great golfing season and hopes to see you often during our tournaments this year


If you are transferring your handicap from a Portuguese golf club to PINGS, please fill out the transfer form at this link:

Download HANDICAP TRANSFER FORM HERE then send a scanned copy to PINGS email address: pingsgolf88@gmail.com

PINGS Registered Address:

c/o Beloura Golf Cluba das Sesmarias, no3
Quinta da Beloura
2710-692 Sintra


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