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Matchplay Singles

18/05/23 18/11/23


June - Oct

1.  All players should enrol via The Links below ASAP.
Enter your Name and contact number and also if you are registering for the PAIRS competition please state your partners name, handicap and FPG number.
2.  5€ to be paid to Pings for singles matchplay and 5€ each for pair matchplay.
3.  The draw will be done in public at the end of May.
4.  All members of Pings can enter.
5.  Must have a valid handicap.
6.  Starts 1 June - 30 Sep.
7.  Matches are to be played on the home course, Beloura unless agreed by the players
8.  Hcp 75% of the difference between players
Eg.  Player A 10hcp, player B 20hcp.  (Player B 20 – Player A= 10, 75% of 10 is 7.5 (rounded up to 8)) 
Therefore Player A plays with hcp of 0, Player B plays with hcp of 8.


No enroll form available