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Presidents Statement


Dear PINGS Members,

Golf is a sport and a social event. We compete on nice courses, with nice people, trying to do our best while respecting the  "étiquette", which is the respect of the other players (courtesy, sportsmanship) and the course (repairing divots or raking bunkers).

The idea of PINGS Golf Society (like most other societies) is to find nice courses and give incentives to every player, so they can compete in the challenge that is offered, either on a specific skill e.g. accuracy with nearest to the pin, strength with the longest drive or in the general result.

The role of PINGS is to organise and to assure that the conditions of the game are good and fair so that everybody has a chance to be "in the money" and to have more fun.

Ongoing concerns are always the speed of play and the fairness of each player’s handicap. 

It is important that every member is aware that due to the good management of our resources, we have generously given two donations to local Charities.

I wasn’t aware that the pleasure we all get is only possible because of the efficiency of the Committee, a group of people that take their own free time as a voluntary role to organise the competitions. 

As with all Societies, you are very welcome to make suggestions or comments to any of our committee members which will help PINGS continue to grow and be as successful as it is today.

Hoping that the hard period of the pandemic is behind us, I wish all of you, great games but above all, good company.

I’ll finish with an important request from myself to all our members:

The success and life of a Society like PINGS are decided at the Annual General Meeting (Date to be confirmed ASAP). It is important for our Society that the members get involved and help to make important decisions, these decisions are used and implemented for the coming year.  After the meeting, The Committee, the Members, and their partners sit together and enjoy a meal together, and this allows us to get to know each other better and to make new friends and acquaintances. 

Let's make the 2023 AGM a day to remember.


Warm Wishes,

Jean Christophe Guevara